Off Grid Homesteading

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We live off the grid on our little homestead. We supply all our own power & water needs. Now there are these people online who like to argue that off grid means we have no electricity and live like we were back in the 1800`s. My comment to those couch critics? Get off your high and mighty pedestal and look it up in the dictionary. It means we are not tied to the commercial electric grid. Whew! Now that I have that irksome topic covered, lets move on.

The dirt road that our property sits on has absolutely no electric, natural gas or water lines. That means if we want it, we have to produce it or go get it! We have a 480 Watt Solar Setup & a Honda EU2000i generator we got from Home Depot. We haul our water in with a 200 gallon cistern and cook with propane or on our outside wood & charcoal BBQ.

480 Watt Solar from Grape Solar

Honda EU2000i Generator

210 Gallon Cistern

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