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Photo Credit: Visit Pagosa Springs Website Check out an amazing website that contains some of the most beautiful images of our area. And if you want to visit our little corner of paradise, this site has all the resources you need! Book a room, explore our town & forests, this place has it all! Photo is near East Fork Road, looking towards Wolf Creek Pass.

Ok, now onto my story! This is my home. Right outside of the small mountain town of Pagosa Springs, a large agricultural subdivision locals call Aspen Springs.

Pagosa Springs is a town in southwest Colorado known for its hot springs. It’s surrounded by the rugged San Juan Mountains and vast areas of national forest. The San Juan River, with its abundant trout, runs through town. To the northeast, Wolf Creek Ski Area offers downhill runs and cross-country trails. Southwest, Chimney Rock National Monument features the ruins of ancient Ancestral Puebloan dwellings.

The Springs Resort

My husband spent most of his life working as a manager in retail. It was killing him. Sucking the soul right out of him. Now he works at the The Springs Resort in town and hangs out at the outdoor hot tubs all day. He works part time and enjoys all the free soaking he wants! Yeah, you can be jealous of him, but he`s earned it!

My Handmade Soaps

I spent the previous 10 years making and selling my handmade soaps online. I loved doing it and became a bit well known online and taught some on youtube. But lets face it, it was emotionally brutal. Anytime you become part of the online scene, people love taking a crack at you! I got burnt out and sick of the BS. So I retired. I still do some local orders and shops here and there, but its on my terms and when I feel like it. Now I spend everyday working on my own homestead and raising our animals.

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