New Breeding Meat Rabbits

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As we work towards supplying more of our own organic natural foods, the topic naturally came up to breeding animals for meat. We currently have 5 laying hens and 2 breeding rabbits. Our female is a cross between California & Silver Fox and her mate is a pure Silver Fox. I did their 1st breeding in September, but it didn’t take. Did you know a female rabbit can decide if she wants to be pregnant?? Not me! Lmao, well after some extra research I discovered if she pees after breeding she will not get pregnant. Hrummp. WELL shoot. Ok so on October 5th I bred them again and this time I carefully watched to see if it happened again. Nothing, nada, zilch! We have lift off folks!!!

So I have been watching her carefully and checking her tummy and babies are definitely there. That or she ate some rocks and they move..hmmm…wiggly rocks? I don`t think so. So rabbits will kindle (give birth) on or about 31 days after breeding. They will nest and pull fur from their chest to line the nest with. Well surprise, surprise!

I popped out this morning to give them their fresh water and low and behold we have fur in the nest!! Now all I want to do is keep staring at her. Now doesn’t that sounds like fun to you? Who doesn’t like being watched while in labor? Lmao, so I am doing my best to not bother her too much, but we will see what happens. 3 days from now is her due date, but frankly it could be any moment!

Fur Pulled Inside Nesting Box

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