Something Only Homesteaders Know & Prepping Authors Don`t Get

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Just the other day I was having a late morning coffee with my dear hubby on one of his days off. We were discussing how many authors of my favorite genre, “Post Apocalyptic Preppers”, have this ridiculous premise that when their “Survivors” get into the countryside they will happen upon a fully stocked & operating homestead or farm that has been abandoned. See me rolling my eyes at that idea! I mean seriously folks? I am a member of one of these small homesteading communities and let me tell you, that is NOT a possibility!

Each and every one of us, as a natural course of building our homesteads, discuss natural disasters and “other” events and how we will connect with each other and defend and care for our lands and livestock. There is NO talk of leaving and heading to the city to get help. That is the most laughable fantasy! We have all purposely worked our fingers to the bone, froze our butts off all winter long, sweated and yes, bled for everything we have. And if you think for one hot minute that each and every one of us will not be fully armed and prepared to take anyone down or even defend our neighbors property you are in fact, delusional.

Know these things about homesteaders right now:
1. We are all armed.
2. We are all most definitely dangerous.
3. We will defend our land, livestock and families to the death.
4. That death will most likely be yours if you attempt to take from us.

So in conclusion, lol. If you are writing stories like this, do yourself and your readers a favor, and ask actual farmers and homesteaders some questions and do your proper research. Dig just a smidge deeper for your story line and stop being lazy and making stupid shit up.

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